Reviews of OMNI Martial Arts in New York

One Of My Favorite Places To Be
I've been a student of Omni Martial Arts since the first week they opened and I highly recommend it for everyone. I've trained in the MMA class, the judo class, the kickboxing class and the Brazilian Jiujitsu class (which is my primary focus over the past year) both gi and no gi, and in each class I've felt I've learned something significant and important. Sensei Julio has a broader view than most martial artists, holding black belts in different arts and trained in many different styles, and this openness to all different aspects of the martial arts and in life translates into an open and appreciative dojo, and moreover, Sensei Julio isn't just a person who only teaches martial arts, he also trains, competes and made the martial arts his life. Omni is not a belt factory, it's a place where one trains, learns and loves the process. Like many of the other students there, I've done other martial arts before arriving at Omni, I've been in and out of a lot of different dojos since I was a kid, and have many great learning experiences in most of them, but by far the best and most enlightening experience I've ever had has come via Sensei Julio and Omni Martial Arts. Sensei Julio has a great ability to not only lead and teach different systems of fighting arts, but also to SHARE that journey with you, and that's a rare, rare skill. There are a lot of great martial artists who cannot do this. The advantage to this approach is that not only does the student learn a lot about the martial arts, they also learn a lot about themselves and about life. This point of view, embodied by Sensei Julio, permeates the entire school, from the staff to the students themselves. Everyone is welcoming, everyone is supportive and helps each other, everyone there works hard and shares the joy in being able to do so with each other. The word family is apt, Omni Martial Arts is a dojo first and foremost, a special place where you work hard, sweat, learn and sometimes even bleed, but more than that, it's a family and a really great one at that. We're all brothers and sisters there, and that's it's one of my favorite places to be. Josh J March 2013
Josh J.
My Home
Studying both Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Sensei Julio Rivera for more than two years has changed my outlook on life. Not only am I more appreciative of everything life has to offer but I am also managing life's unpredictability incredibly well. Yes, the training at Omni Martial Arts in either Judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is exceptional. In fact, many of my training partners who compete in IBJJF run tournaments medal whenever they compete. However, it's the feeling of togetherness and the guidance provided by Sensei Julio Rivera that makes Omni Martial Arts my home.
Rafael S., Bronx, NY
Great Experience/No Yearly Contract!
I've been training at Omni for just about a month now and have had a great experience. When you enter the school, you'll notice that the atmosphere is a nice balance between focused and friendly. The training/conditioning is physically demanding, but the dynamic of the group reminds you that having fun is an important part of your training as well. There's no pretense here and all students (men, women and kids) can feel comfortable. I'm completely new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but Sensei Julio and the other students have been patient, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful in getting me into to the sport. The class sizes are fairly small (10-15), which allows for a lot of personalized attention (another school I tried in Manhattan had classes of 40). This has allowed me to hang around after class to ask my own specific questions, which has helped a lot. Amongst the group of student there are many who cross-train through the schools various forms, which is a testament to the quality of the classes Sensei Julio instructs. Adult classes include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, MMA, and self-defense which are available to any member. One important thing to note is that the school does not impose yearly contracts on their students. They help you pick a package of classes that best fits your needs/schedule without forcing you into a 12-month commitment like many gyms. This works out well because you won't be charged for weeks you cannot train which happens to all of us from time to time. If you're interested in self-defense and/or getting a great workout (and if you're tired of the same gym routine like I was), I really recommend that you come watch a class and see what you're missing.
Andy L.
This place is really amazing, but that's not enough to say the least. They have a wonderful instructor who's positive energy you grasp in an instant . Besides the fact of being taught martial arts you are also being taught inner strength as well. Your body soul and mind enter a higher sense of being and awareness. I recommend this place to everyone!
Nancy Baqueriz, Dec 28 2009
Both of my very different children attend and have for about a year. My older child got into the sport right away. At the time she was 11 and really enjoyed the egalitarian nature of the sport. Sensei never said she couldn't do something because she was a girl. The children learn side by side with no deference being given to anyone. the children train hard, Sensei works them hard and they are all proud of it. My son was something all together different. He joined because big sis was doing it. While he was able to comprehend and had the skills he lacked focus. We decided to try private lessons. Everyone was a little concerned how to proceed but Sensei spoke with us and came up with a plan. He accommodated his lessons around my son's age and made them short and a preview of the upcoming class. The first two lessons were a bit bumpy and we were all concerned that we couldn't get through but Sensei was able to do what many seasoned educators are unable to do. He changed his approach and found the way to reach my son. That really speaks volumes for the kind of person and teacher this man is.
Michelle G. Nov. 2012
Dropped 10lbs!!!
The staff at Omni are a young, good spirited bunch with loads of patience and energy. They give me just the right amount push to get over hurdles without any fear of hurting myself or others. Even though training is at times grueling I always find myself wanting to stay for more. I've dropped 10lbs after three weeks of training and I'm starting to see my abs again. My only regret is I didn't find Omni Martial Arts earlier
Mike, Dec 27 2009
The Best
Amazing instructors. A great workout for people just starting or wanting to get started in martial arts, and also for the more accomplished as well! Beautiful space, and just a very welcoming vibe. You have to check this place out, you will not be disappointed.
Nick, Dec 26 2009
Keep up the spectacular work!
Sensei and staff are absolutely on point with their students and their management. Their patience and attention is marvelous. This is not just another review but an expression of just how a place that has not been there that long already had made a great impression not only to the older generation but most importantly to the younger. The individual attention and respect shown to each other is commendable and something that one takes with them once they leave Omni's door.
Elena, Dec 27 2009