Omni Martial Arts Judo Astoria Queens New York


Judo is a sport that uses throws, ground fighting and submissions based on leverage and body positioning. It was develped in the late 1800's by Professor Jigoro Kano, a Japanese scholar and Jiu Jitsu practictioner who sought to bring together techniques from several different schools of the art. Professor Kano envisioned Judo (or Kano Jiu Jitsu, as it was once known) as being more than a martial art. To him, Judo was a way (do) of life. Kano believed Judo could teach young people focus, discipline and honor while allowing the physically weaker person to prevail in combat through technique over strength.

At Omni Martial Arts, Queens, NY, we hold true to Professor Kano's vision, while adding the modern advantage of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to traditional Judo.  Men and women who train Judo at Omni will learn the all important transition from take down to ground fighting.

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