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The popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has shown the public the amazing effectiveness of the well rounded martial artist.  Omni MMA combines the striking of kickboxing with the throws and take downs of judo and wrestling and submissions of Jiu Jitsu.  Mixed Martial Arts addresses hand to hand combat from every range; whether standing or on the ground.  It’s a great workout that will work every part of your body while increasing your cardiovascular fitness.  

In an effort to insure that our students have a good understandiing of all the elements of MMA, you must train striking and grappling separately.  Once our students have acquired a good base of knowledge, they can explore blending striking and grappling in MMA, or training to fight.  Without a good understanding of the basics, training everything in one class will not lead to the best results.

                                Omni and VSBJJ's Mario Hernandez wins at Gold Medal/Dead Serious MMAOmni Martial Arts' and VSBJJ/LORO MMA wins his fight at Gold Medal/Dead Serious MMA